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Specializing in Small Business Web Design in NJ

Russ B Web Design has been creating websites for brick and mortar small businesses, as well as online only businesses since 2007. We also offer graphic design services such as business card design, and logo and branding services.

Why Web Design in NJ is so Important!

Entrepreneurs often wonder why they should have a small business website design for their company. Since the dawn of the internet, an online community has been established and there is no turning back. There now are two planes of existence...the online world, and the real world. The internet has been around since the 90's. That means that right now today, there are millions of people who do not even know a life without the internet. A website is a virtual online representation of a brick and mortar business, or in some cases the main front for an online business.

To offer "the complete package" to your customers, it is necessary to secure your place within the web, and to display an eye catching reflection of your business to your potential customers. Websites are used i various industries for different purposes. Whether you are selling products online, or offering services by way of a brick and mortar business, a website makes it convenient for your clients to be able to go online to discover what your business has to offer. Imagine not having a restaurant website design in NJ but having a brick and mortar business such as a pizzeria. In the fast paced world we live in, people want to zip onto a website for quick information such as hours, menus, etc. This is one example of many...so do yourself and your cleints a favor and get a website! We're not like other web designers in NJ! We will lead you in the right direction!